Neighbourhood Plan

Bridestowe and Sourton Neighbourhood Plan

The Bridestowe and Sourton Neighbourhood Plan was developed over 7 years by members of the local community after extensive consultation with as many local people and organisations as possible, and it sets out proposed rules on what developments will be permitted in the area over the next 10-15 years.
After successfully navigating the referendum in August 2021 it has been  ‘made,’ to use the technical term, and now shares equal weight with WDBC’s planning policies and must be referred to when future planning applications  arise within the two parishes. 

West Devon’s Planning Policy website.

Red phone box and bus stop in Bridestowe

Planning Our Future

Now accepted, the Neighbourhood Plan has the full force of law behind it and can potentially limit or prevent any developments not included in the plan or in line with its policies.


Neighbourhood Plan PDF documents

You can view or download here the most recent draft Bridestowe Neighbourhood Plan by clicking on the PDF documents below. PDF’s open in a new window. 

Bridestowe and Sourton Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Evidence Base